Buy, Sell, Trade, & Transfer

  • photo-5We buy firearms and take them on trade
  • We give you a fair price for the item you’re selling or trading
  • Values are based off Blue Book Value & salesperson expertise
  • We at Dad’s Gun treat every customer fairly


As an FFL holder, we are required to do FBI background checks (NICS check). As accordance to the law, all firearms that leave the premisis are subject to this check. However, we reserve the right to do NICS checks on blackpowders or C&R’s as we see fit.



In preparation for our upcoming move to our new location, we will stop sending our FFL to other companies on Saturday, December 9th. All incoming transfers must be received to our shop by Wednesday, December 20th. All firearms must be picked up by Saturday, December 23rd or else they will be closed out of our books. Please contact our shop if you have any questions. We will resume receiving transfers at our new location on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018.

All transfers coming in from another dealer have to have an FFL. We do not accept incoming transfers from individuals. We require all outgoing transfers to have a copy of person’s valid drivers license at the time of transfer.

Person to Person Transfers: The NICS check will be done, first. Once we receive a “proceed”, we will log it into our books.


Person to Person – $10

Incoming with gun lock – $10

Incoming without gun lock – $15

Outgoing – $20 + shipping


Please e-mail the following information to us, so that we can process your transaction in a timely manner:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Person to send FFL Certificate to
  • Fax Number to send FFL Certificate to
  • Type of Firearm
  • Auction Number (if applicable)

Please e-mail or call us at (513) 897-4000 if you have any questions.


We do not currently take firearms on consignment. What we do is offer the best price when we buy firearms or take them in on trade.


Call us to make an appointment in which someone can be in the shop to evaluate trades or sales.